Daily otolith ring validation, age composition, and origin of the endangered striped catfish in the Mekong

This study examines the otoliths of drifting wild-caught and hatchery-raised larvae of striped catfish to validate daily ring counts, calculate fish age, and estimate spawning time and spawning location to improve our understanding of the species’ life history. Standard length and otolith ring counts were examined in both hatchery-raised (150) and wild-caught (390) samples.

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Chhuoy, S., Z.S. Hogan, S. Chandra, P. Chheng, B. Touch, K. Utsugi, and P.B. Ngor

Publication Date

01 January 2022

Publication Name

Global Ecology and Conservation


Larval drift, Larval age, Early life history, Spawning ground, Spawning time, Tropical flood pulse, Mekong Basin