Fishermen catch 661-pound stingray, world’s largest freshwater fish

Fox News –

That is one big fish.

Fishermen in northern Cambodia caught a 661-pound freshwater stingray in the Mekong River earlier this month, according to reports. The massive fish, which was caught on June 13, 2022, has been recognized as the world’s largest freshwater fish to be officially recorded, per Guinness World Records.

The female stingray was named Boramy, which means “full moon” in the Khmer language, Reuters reported. Boramy is 13 feet long – which includes her tail – and required about a dozen men to bring her to shore, according to Reuters.

The stingray was measured by a team of international experts working with the U.S.-Cambodian “Wonders of the Mekong” project, according to Guinness, which announced news of the “record-breaking ray” on its website.