Oxfam wraps up campaign to raise awareness on importance of Mekong River

Khmer Times –

Oxfam wrapped up a four-month campaign called ‘Along the Mekong with Sai’- a campaign to promote ecotourism, the livelihood of the vulnerable communities along the Mekong who are affected by the change of water flow, and rising threats to food security.

The campaign’s name dedicated to a journey on the Mekong River of a Goodwill Ambassador, Oun Batham, a Cambodian singer and performer, known as Sai, to the northern parts of Cambodia – Ratanakiri, Stung Treng and Kratie in March 2022.

Sai’s journey was to capture the stunning beauty of the Mekong, expose in diverse cultures and local practices, and listen to the voices of women, men, indigenous people and other members of the most marginalised community residing along the Mekong.

“Along the Mekong with Sai” campaign aims to promote the awareness on the richness of the Mekong River Basin and its importance to life of millions of Mekong citizens as well as to link a meaningful participation and dialogue between youth and affected communities – especially vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities and indigenous people who are the main targets of the project,” said Sophoan Phean, Oxfam National Director. “The campaign came to an end but the mission to protect the Mekong River and promote the livelihood of Mekong citizen will remain.”

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