Mission Statement

The Mekong Fish Network supports partners in the lower Mekong River basin to advance the study and management of the region’s unique and valuable aquatic life. We work to build technical capacity and improve science communication in this ecologically diverse and productive region.

OverviewMekong Fish Network Diagram

The Mekong Fish Network is a voluntary association of people interested in expanding knowledge of the Mekong’s unique and valuable fish assemblage. The Network includes individuals, researchers, and resource managers representing public, private, and academic groups working in countries across the Lower Mekong Basin. The Network provides resources to help members communicate and collaborate with each other, share project information, and access data management tools. To join the network, please contact info@mekongfishnetwork.org.

The Mekong River is home to more than 850 species of fishes, making it one of the most diverse fish assemblages in the world. This diversity supports the world’s largest harvest of freshwater biomass, and provides food for more than 60 million people in Myanmar (Burma), Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos), Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Many important Mekong fishes cross national borders during their extensive migrations, presenting complex research and management challenges that require international coordination. Critical information on the distribution, abundance, migrations, and ecology of the fishes in this species-rich system can be gained through communication and collaboration among institutions at the national and regional levels. This information is needed to understand resource availability and enhance food security.

The Mekong Fish Network strives to connect researchers and facilitate technical capacity building, ultimately enabling a more comprehensive understanding of the system. Many knowledge gaps exist, and the results of multiple studies have rarely been synthesized for integrated, basin-wide analysis.  We support local researchers with trainings and communication tools to lead and coordinate integrated, long-term science and management.

Our Goals

  • Build the technical capacity of local people and institutions to study Mekong fishes and improve understanding of Mekong Basin fish assemblages.
  • Facilitate dialogue and collaboration across borders to encourage basin-wide study of Mekong fishes.
  • Create connections and provide tools that enable Mekong fish researchers to share their knowledge.


Support for the Mekong Fish Network is provided by FISHBIO, the Wonders of the Mekong project, and USAID.