Diadromy in a large tropical river, the Mekong: more common than assumed, with greater implications for management

This study reviewed the available information for over one thousand Mekong fish species to identify evidence for diadromy. Results indicate that diadromy is likely a more common life history trait in the LMB than previously assumed. For instance, 61 of the 1136 Mekong fish species assessed exhibit diadromous traits (44 amphidromous species, 9 anadromous species, and 8 catadromous species). Many of these species are known to migrate relatively long distances, connecting with the Mekong estuary to some extent to complete their life cycles. Based on routine fish catch monitoring data, these suspected diadromous fishes contributed around 3% to the total catch across the basin and included a number of endemic species of significant economic value.

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Vu, A. V., L.J. Baumgartner, M. Mallen-Cooper, J.A. Howitt, W.A. Robinson, N. So, and I.G. Cowx

Publication Date

29 Sep 2020

Publication Name

Journal of Ecohydraulics


Amphidromy, anadromy, catadromy, Lower Mekong Basin, fish migration