The evolution of the blue-green revolution of rice-fish cultivation for sustainable food production

A blue-green revolution of integrated rice-fish cultivation offers a solution to the issues of environmental sustainability, food productivity, and socioeconomic benefits. Combining the blue revolution (aquaculture) and the green revolution (agriculture), integrated rice-fish cultivation would provide a form of sustainable intensification that able to produce more food from the same area of land and water without or less environmental impacts. Compared to rice monoculture, rice-fish coculture could increase by up to 27% of total production. The integration of other crops (e.g., cattle, ducks, and vegetables) could increase a diverse food production. However, water management is one of the potential challenges for rice-fish culture.

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Ahmed, N. and G.M. Turchini

Publication Date

22 February 2021

Publication Name

Sustainability Science


Rice, Fish Integration, Environmental sustainability, Food productivity