Flooding is a key driver of the Tonle Sap dai fishery in Cambodia

Ngor et al. (2018) reported a decline since 2000 in the catch of larger species which tend to occupy higher trophic levels; compensatory increases in the catch of smaller species; and declines in the mean body weight (and length) of common species in the Tonle Sap dai fishery, as evidence of the effects of indiscriminate fishing or “fishing-down” of the multi-species fish assemblage in the lower Mekong basin. This paper provides evidence that suggest that these apparent recent changes are more likely to reflect changing hydrological conditions than fishing-down effects, possibly caused by climate change and recently also by hydropower development.

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Halls, A.S. and Hortle, K.G.

Publication Date

15 February 2021

Publication Name

Scientific Reports


Environmental impact, Freshwater ecology, Hydrology