High genetic structure between natural populations of bighead catfish Clarias macrocephalus (Günther, 1864) from the Mekong Delta and Peninsular Malaysia

The tropical freshwater bighead catfish Clarias macrocephalus is widely distributed in Southeast Asia and is economically important in both the aquaculture and fisheries industries. In the current study, eight polymorphic microsatellite markers were employed to evaluate the genetic variation of 15 C. macrocephalus populations from Peninsular Malaysia, and the Mekong Delta populations of Cambodia and Vietnam.

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Nazia, A.K., B.M. Tam, J.A.F. Jamaluddin, and S.A.M. Nor

Publication Date

06 May 2021

Publication Name

Fisheries Research


Clarias macrocephalus, Genetic diversity, Population structure, Microsatellites, Catfish