Impacts of Mainstream Hydropower Dams on Fisheries and Agriculture in Lower Mekong Basin

This paper discusses the fishery and agricultural sectors of the Lower Mekong Basin and focuses on the downstream floodplains of Cambodia and Vietnam. The dam construction has caused greater losses of biodiversity and fisheries than climate change in the LMB. The reduction of 276,847 and 178,169 t of fish, 3.7% and 2.3% of rice, 21.0% and 10.0% of maize will contribute to a decrease of 3.7% and 0.3% of the GDP of Cambodia and Vietnam, respectively.

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Yoshida, Y., H.S. Lee, B.H. Trung, H. Tran, M.K. Lall, K. Kakar, and T.D. Xuan

Publication Date

19 March 2020

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Mekong River, economic impacts, tradeoff, aquaculture, floodplain, Tonle Sap, migration barrier