Impacts of Mainstream Hydropower Development on Fisheries and Human Nutrition in the Lower Mekong

This study estimates the number of new nutritionally insecure people (i.e., those at risk for nutritional deficiencies) associated with Mekong damming.  Fish is the main source of animal source foods and critical micronutrients in the LMB. In the absence of mitigation efforts, any reductions in fishery production could increase already high levels of nutrient deficiency, creating a widespread risk of nutrition insecurity.

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Golden C. D., Shapero A., Vaitla B., Smith M. R., Myers S. S., Stebbins E., Gephart J. A.

Publication Date

25 October 2019

Publication Name

Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems


Fish-derived nutrient supplies, Subsistence fishing, Food security, Malnutrition, Estimated Average Requirements