Aligning the Freshwater Health Index Indicator System against the Transboundary Water Governance framework of Southeast Asia’s Sesan, Srepok, and Sekong River Basin

This paper assesses the policy relevance of the Freshwater Health Index (FHI) to the governance frameworks of Lao PDR, Cambodia, and Viet Nam. The authors conduct an institutional analysis, assessing the FHI indicators against each nation’s relevant laws, plans, policies and strategies, as well as international agreements. The FHI indicators varied in their alignment with the 3S’s transboundary water governance framework.

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Liu, X., N.J. Souter, R.Y. Wang, and D. Vollmer

Publication Date

4 November 2019

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Freshwater Health Index, legislation, transboundary water governance, integrated water resources management, Mekong, 3S basin