Importance of resources of small-sized fishes as fundamental components of food resources and fish diversity in Lao PDR

Growth, reproduction, and lifespan were reviewed in three indigenous small-sized fishes in Lao PDR belonging to different taxa, Parambassis siamensis (Ambassidae), Rasbora rubrodorsalis (Cyprinidae), and Clupeichthys aesarnensis (Clupeidae). As the recent economic development and population growth within the country has led to an increase in fish demand and deterioration of the environment, all the species are considered to be in danger of stock decline. Therefore, in the present study, some ideas for stock managements for these species based on biological aspects are discussed.

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Morioka, S. and B. Vongvichith

Publication Date

01 March 2020

Publication Name

JIRCAS Working Report No. 90


Food, Aquaculture, Fish Diversity, Invasive Species, Otolith