Mekong Fishes: Biogeography, Migration, Resources, Threats, and Conservation

In this paper, 899 freshwater fish species were recorded, which could be grouped into 9 biogeographical regions based on their distribution information; each region owed its unique fauna with different dominance/or endemism at the genus level. The species richness was positively related to temperature, precipitation, and longitude, but negatively to latitude and slope. Seven migratory systems were deduced from spatial distribution information of 321 migratory species, and these systems were separate but not independent. Mekong fisheries were highly diversified with an estimation of a maximum worth of around $17 billion. Fisheries played an irreplaceable role in Cambodia, and aquaculture was of growing importance in the Delta and the Upper Mekong.

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Kang, B. and X. Huang

Publication Date

05 April 2021

Publication Name

Reviews in Fisheries Science & Aquaculture


Spatial pattern, migratory system, fisheries, multiple stresses, countermeasure