Spatial Variations in Fish Abundance in the Mekong Delta

For the first time, the density of fish population has been quantitatively assessed in the Mekong River delta in the territory of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The studies were carried out in the main courses of two main branches, Hau and Tien rivers, into which the Mekong River splits in its lower course, and in the mouth branches of the delta. When comparing the fish abundance at 28 stations of the delta, statistically significant differences in the average specific abundance were found between the main river course and a mixohaline zone of the estuarine ecotone where values of the fish abundance were much lower.

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Karpova, E.P., A.R. Boltachev, E.R. Ablyazov, D.N. Kutsin, C.N. Dinh, T. B. Hai, N.V. Thinh, and T.T.L. Tri

Publication Date

06 April 2021

Publication Name

Russian Journal of Ecology


fish, Mekong River, abundance, distribution, fluctuations, estuary