Rice field fisheries: Wild aquatic species diversity, food provision services and contribution to inland fisheries

To understand the fisheries and food security contributions of wild aquatic species in contemporary rice field ecosystems, this paper examines the Tonle Sap region of Cambodia. Household surveys and experimental fishing were used to measure wild aquatic species richness present in rice field ecosystems and in local catch. Household surveys were also used to estimate rice field fishery productivity (as annual catch weight per hectare) and to examine variation in fishing effort and total catch weight across seasons and habitats. Finally, catch use and the contribution of fish catch to household consumption were investigated. The findings illustrate the substantial contributions rice field fisheries make to household food security and to national fisheries production.

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Freed, S., K. Yumiko, V. Sean, S. Mith, P. Cohen, M. Kim, S. Thay, and S. Chhy

Publication Date

12 May 2020

Publication Name

Fisheries Research


Inland fishery, Food security, Rice-Fish system, Commons, Wild foods, Agrobiodiversity