Significance of two different ranking methods for studying fish fauna: A case study on the fish fauna from upper and middle portions from Mekong river

Studies on fish fauna should not only focus on fish composition and the comparison of fish composition among the study region and adjacent regions, but should also explore the origin and uniqueness of different taxa as well as the substitution of genera and species. In this study, the value of floristic presence method was modified and renamed the Value of Fish Fauna Presence (VFFP) method. The specific steps of the VFFP method and the Traditional Fish Fauna Analysis (TFFA) method were refined and standardized. Then, the VFFP and TFFA methods were applied to study the fish fauna of the upper and middle portions of the Mekong River basin.

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Zhou, W. and X. Li

Publication Date

11 March 2022

Publication Name

Integrative Zoology


Species composition, Mekong fisheries, floristic presence method, Value of Fish Fauna Presence