The Cambodian Mekong floodplain under future development plans and climate change

This research attempts to conduct a cumulative assessment of basin-wide hydropower dam construction and irrigation expansion, as well as climate change, implications on discharge, and flood changes in the Cambodian Mekong floodplain. These floodplains offer important livelihoods for a considerable part of the 6.4 million people living on them, as they are among the most productive ecosystems in the world – driven by the annual flood pulse. To assess the potential future impacts, the authors used an innovative combination of three models: Mekong basin-wide distributed hydrological model IWRM-VMod, with the Mekong delta 1D flood propagation model MIKE-11 and 2D flood duration and extent model IWRM-Sub enabling detail floodplain modelling.

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Horton, A.J., N.V.K. Triet, L.P. Hoang, S. Heng, P. Hok, S. Chung, J. Koponen, and M. Kummu

Publication Date

22 March 2022

Publication Name

Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences


Mekong, floodplain, models, climate change, dam construction, irrigation