Spatial and Long-Term Temporal Changes in Water Quality Dynamics of the Tonle Sap Ecosystem

The authors investigated long term water quality dynamics (22 years) in space and time and identified potential changes in nutrient limitation based on nutrient ratios of inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus within the Tonle Sap ecosystem. Water quality was assessed at five sites highlighting the dynamics in wet and dry seasons. Predictors of water quality included watershed land use, climate, population, and water level.

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Soum, S., P.B. Ngor, T.E. Dilts, S. Lohani, S. Kelson, S.E. Null, F. Tromboni, Z.S. Hogan, B. Chan, and S. Chandra

Publication Date

29 July 2021

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Mekong River Basin; Tonle Sap Lake; Tonle Sap River; hydroclimate; tropical lake; Cambodia