Status of fish biodiversity and fishing on Hau River, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Fish biodiversity on Hau (Bassac) river was investigated to assess the status of species composition and fishing by fishing gears during a year. Sampling was implemented monthly at the upper part (An Giang province), middle part (Can Tho City) and lower part (Soc Trang province) of Hau River using trawl net as main sampling gear. Additionally, fish composition was also recorded from four other most popular fishing gears including cast net, gill net, fixed net and hook operated in the study sites. Fish species composition was determined by fishing gears and their abundance (CPUE) was calculated only from the main sampling gear (trawl net). Regulation on fishing gears, fishing ground and season should be taken into consideration to protect and conserve the resources.

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Ut, V.N., A.V. Hoa, and H.P. Vinh

Publication Date

04 June 2020

Publication Name

Ann. Limnol. - Int. J. Lim.


Fish diversity, catch per unit effort (CPUE), fishing gears, Hau River, trawl net