Variation in the Arrow Loach, Nemacheilus masyae (Cypriniformes: Nemacheilidae), in Mainland Southeast Asia with Description of a New Species

Analyses of morphological and molecular data from recently collected specimens of Nemacheilus from Cambodia, Malaysia, and Thailand indicate that N. pallidus is a junior synonym of N. masyae, and an undescribed species of Nemacheilus occurs in large tributaries of the Mekong River in Thailand. The new species is known from the Songkhram and Mun river drainages in Thailand and appears to be restricted to the Khorat Plateau ecoregion of the Mekong River basin.

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Page, L.M., J.M. Pfeiffer, S. Suksri, Z.S. Randall, and D.A. Boyd

Publication Date

29 May 2020

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Nemacheilus, Khorat Plateau,