Using the Freshwater Health Index to Assess Hydropower Development Scenarios in the Sesan, Srepok and Sekong River Basin

To facilitate better management of Southeast Asia’s transboundary Sesan, Sekong and Srepok (3S) River basin, the authors used the Freshwater Health Index (FHI) to diagnose the basin’s current and likely future level of freshwater health. The FHI helped identify data deficiencies, illuminated important social dynamics, made ecosystem–human–water dynamics more understandable to stakeholders, and examined the long-term dynamics of the basin.

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Souter, N.J., K. Shaad, D. Vollmer, H.M. Regan, T.A. Farrell, M. Arnaiz, P.-J. Meynell, T.A. Cochrane, M.E. Arias, T. Piman, and S.J. Andelman

Publication Date

12 March 2020

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freshwater ecosystems; ecosystem services; water governance; Freshwater Health Index; lower Mekong; hydropower