Ending overfishing in Europe may take over 100 years, says WWF

The Fish Site

New scientific analysis from environmental organisation WWF reveals recovery of European fish stocks will take more than 100 years under current proposals by EU Fisheries Ministers.

“No law can end overfishing in one fell swoop but Ministers appear to be actively sidelining stock recovery”, says Roberto Ferrigno, WWF’s Common Fisheries Policy project coordinator.

“For the sake of fishermen, coastal communities and the health of our oceans, Ministers must set targets for the fastest possible recovery. 100 years plus is too long.”

Two out of three fish stocks in European waters are considered overfished. Ambitious reform of Europe’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) could reverse this situation over the next 10 years. But core elements of the reform package relating to discards, subsidies and stock recovery are under dispute, and negotiations between the European Parliament and Fisheries Ministers over what shape future EU fishing laws should take, may collapse.

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