Kien Giang’s U Minh Thuong seeks to revive freshwater fish populations

Viet Nam Net –

Authorities in the U Minh Thuong area in Kien Giang Province are trying to bring back a famous endemic freshwater fish, cá đồng.

The genus includes species like snakehead fish, bighead catfish, anabas, gourami, tank goby, featherfin fish and others, most of which live in rice fields and ponds but are now seeing their populations dwindling.

In U Minh Thuong, which comprises An Bien, An Minh, Vinh Thuan and U Minh Thuong districts, their numbers have been falling in recent years because of several reasons like saltwater intrusion, the development of other hybrid species and habitat loss.

Many rice fields in the area have seen farmers switch to shrimp, thus crowding out cá đồng.

Local authorities have been making efforts to revive their populations by breeding them in captivity and instructing farmers in farming them.

Nguyen Quoc Khoi, deputy chairman of the U Minh Thuong District said the local People’s Committee has sought the Department of Science and Technology’s help to artificially reproduce bighead catfish fry.

The province Farmers Association’s Support Fund has provided VND500 million (US$21,500) to the district for breeding local freshwater fish species, he said.

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