Study follows tagged migratory fish in Mekong

Khmer Times

NGO Wonders of the Mekong has released preliminary data on the movement patterns of wild Mekong catfish after 20 fish were surgically implanted with acoustic tags and released into the Mekong River in 2006.

The Mekong River has the world’s third most diverse fish population in the world after the Amazon and Congo River basins, Wonders of the Mekong project manager Chea Seila told Khmer Times on Friday.

The new study shared in March, provides data from one of the first research projects to track fish using acoustic tags in the Mekong River basin that send out signals to receivers, which are deployed on floating bamboo rafts in the river to “listen” for passing fish.

“The fastest moving fish in the study was a tagged Wallago attu catfish, which moved 52 river kilometres downstream in eight hours and moved a total of 88 river kilometres over the course of the study. It is the longest range recorded,” it added.

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