Tourists experience Mekong Delta during Tet festivities

VietNamNet Bridge
24 February 2014

When he finally finished making the less-than-perfect cake with support from Huong and her children, the loud applause he received from the surrounding crowd caused him to feel proud.

“It was interesting and fun,” Emmerik said, admitting that it was his first attempt at making this cake and that he was a little self-conscious.

With his wife Marie and other tourists, Emmerik visited Huong’s home on Thoi Son Islet—also known as Unicorn Islet—in Mekong Delta’s Tien Giang, where she lives with her six children, while they were preparing for the Lunar New Year holidays like all other Vietnamese families nationwide.

“Before our visit, we knew that Vietnam would be celebrating the Lunar New Year, but we did not know exactly when,” Marie remarked.

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