Vietnam struggles to preserve biodiversity

Vietnam Plus

Preserving biodiversity in Vietnam was the main topic of discussion at a workshop on May 5 in Hanoi.

Nguyen Quoc Dung, from the Forest Inventory and Planning Institute under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development emphasised the need for a strategic framework and action plan for the Core Environment Programme (CEP)’s phase 3 (2018-2022), building a legal framework for biodiversity corridors in Vietnam.

Marine protected areas and mangroves in Vietnam are smaller than in other nations so biodiversity corridors will help develop biodiversity.

“It is necessary to set up detailed projects for coastal provinces in the context of Vietnam being affected by climate change,” Dung said.

“Forests have been planted in the country to cope with climate change, with 42 projects in coastal provinces. [But]we have no national-scale project for the restoration of coastal forests and biodiversity preservation, although Vietnam has high biodiversity,” he said.

“Restoring and preserving biodiversity is very difficult and costly here.”

Problems and disagreements between agencies on biodiversity preservation hamper the work, harming scientific research and environmental protection projects.

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