Anthropogenic activities as a source of stress on species diversity in the Mekong River Delta

This chapter reviews the formation of deltas, the ecology and habitats of deltas as well as the biodiversity in coastal habitats and delta habitats. Additionally, the chapter looks at recent advances in deltas such as the loss of sediment and other stressors currently facing deltas with a focus on anthropogenic activities in the Mekong River Delta (MRD) that is amongst the most resource rich deltas in the world. Additionally, demographical trends like population increase have also been scrutinized to see the impacts on the MRD. The results of the review process have shown that at least 85% of the deltas in the world are subsiding and losing their fertility to the sea. Finally, the chapter has endeavored to come up with suggestions on how best to overcome some of these stressors resulting from the anthropogenic activities.

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Nyanga, C., B.N. Obegi, and L.T.T. Bich

Publication Date

13 December 2021

Publication Name

River Deltas - Recent Advances [Working Title]


biodiversity, sediment load, stressors, anthropogenic, demographic, subsidence