Reproduction ecology of an emerging fishery resource, the amphibious mudskipper Periophthalmus chrysospilos, in the Mekong Delta

Populations of Periophthalmus chrysospilos, the Gold-spotted mudskipper, within the Mekong Delta are facing extirpation risks due to indiscriminate harvesting for the growing aquarium and food-fish trade. This study provides some of the first information on reproductive ecology—such as spawning type and season, length at first maturity, and batch fecundity—of this species, to be used in their management.

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Dinh, Q.M., N.T. Truong, T.H.D. Nguyen, T.T.K. Nguyen, T.T.H. Lam, and Z. Jaafar

Publication Date

14 December 2021

Publication Name

Ecology and Evolution


batch fecundity, Gold-spotted mudskipper, gonadosomatic index, length at first maturity, multispawner, spawning season