Characterising the drivers of tropical freshwater fish dynamics and abundance in the Mekong river, under environmental change

This thesis explores the impacts of climate change and anthropogenic activity on Mekong hydrology and system function, and the impacts these have on fish and fisheries. The results highlight a range of projected negative impacts of hydropower development, irrigation expansion and climate change on the dai fishery resources, and in turn a range of significant impacts on regional fish protein availability, which primarily result from the blockage of key migratory routes caused by dam construction as well as changes in the timing of the flood pulse in key areas in the basin such as Tonle Sap Great Lake.

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Santos, R.F.A

Publication Date

June 2019

Publication Name

Department of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences, The University of Hull


Earth observation, historical fisheries data, hydrological records, hydrological modelling, environmental DNA metabarcoding analyses