Genetic variation, demographic history and phylogeography of tire track eel, Mastacembelus favus (Synbranchiformes: Mastacembelidae) in Southeast Asia

The genetic structure of the tire track eel, Mastacembelus favus, was investigated from individuals encompassing its native range. The results classified all haplotypes into two major lineages. Strong genetic discontinuities dated approximately 5 MYA were discovered in the Mekong with limited geographical overlap, suggesting a historically dissected drainage between two sections and species colonisation via different routes.

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Jamaluddin, J.A.F., N. So, B.M. Tam, A. Ahmad, C. Grudpan, L.M. Page, Z. Khaironizam, and S.A.M. Nor

Publication Date

03 June 2019

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Mastacembelus favus, Mastacembelidae, Cytochrome b, Phylogeography, Divergence time, Southeast Asia