Genetic diversity and structure of striped snakehead (Channa striata) in the Lower Mekong Basin: Implications for aquaculture and fisheries management

Striped snakehead samples were collected from three wild and three cultured populations in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta for comparison to samples from eight wild populations in Cambodia. Unique haplotypes and significant genetic divergence among striped snakehead populations from each habitat (e.g., lake or floodplain, wild or cultured) suggests habitat-specific genetic structure. Isolation by distance was detected at a regional scale but not found in local scales.

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Duong, T., S. Uy, P. Chheng, N. So, T.T. Tran, N.T. Nguyen, R. Pomeroy, and H. Egna

Publication Date

1 June 2019

Publication Name

Fisheries Research


Channa striata, Genetic diversity, Domestication, Population structure, mtDNA