DNA barcodes for the identification of species diversity in fish from Kwan Phayao, Thailand

DNA barcodes or the partial sequences of the cytochrome c oxidase I (COI) gene were used to identify fish at the species level in Kwan Phayao, northern Thailand. A total of 174 samples were identified as belonging to 52 species, 18 families, and 8 orders with 97-100% identities from both GenBank and BOLD databases.

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Panprommin, D., K. Soontornprasit, S. Tuncharoen, S. Pithakpol, and J. Keereelang

Publication Date

27 May 2019

Publication Name

Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity


Cytochrome c oxidase, IDNA barcodes, Fish species diversity, HRM analysis, Kwan phayao