A Cone Fishway Facilitates Lateral Migrations of Tropical River-Floodplain Fish Communities

This study examined the effectiveness of a new cone fishway for facilitating lateral migrations of river-floodplain fish communities in the Lower Mekong Basin in Lao PDR. They assessed the species richness, size range, abundance and biomass of fish able to pass through a cone fishway, using paired entrance and exit sampling during both dawn/day and dusk/night.

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Baumgartner, L.J., C. Boys, Tim Marsden, J. McPherson, N. Ning, O. Phonekhampheng, W. Robinson, D.Singhanouvong, I.G. Stuart, and G.Thorncraft

Publication Date

13 February 2020

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Fish passage; Lower Mekong Basin; river infrastructure; sustainable irrigation; wetland