Evaluating community fishery management using Fishers’ perceptions in the Tonle Sap lake of Cambodia

In this research the authors evaluate and categorize the fishers’ perspectives on the environmental, economic, social, and legal impacts of transitioning from a private property system to community fisheries in Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake. Specifically, this paper uses interview results (N = 523) to assess the perceptions of local communities following a reform in 2012, whereby a commercial leasehold system was replaced with a community-based fishery management system. Results demonstrate that this conversion of fishery management systems is perceived as helping to improve economic, environmental, and legal conditions at the macro-level, but improvements in economic productivity at the individual level are inconclusive.

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Bahadur K.C., V. Elliott, R. Seng, R.S. Pomeroy., J. Schenkels, and E.D.G. Fraser

Publication Date

12 February 2020

Publication Name

Environmental Development


Natural resources governance, Fishery, Community fishery management, Tonle Sap, Cambodia