Consumer trophic positions respond variably to seasonally fluctuating environments

This study examines the effects of seasonal changes on consumer trophic position in a food web, asking whether fishes inhabiting tropical river–floodplain ecosystems behave as seasonal omnivores, by shifting their trophic positions in relation to the annual flood pulse, or whether they feed at the same trophic position all year.

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B.C. McMeans, T. Kadoya, T.K. Pool, G.W. Holtgrieve, S. Lek, H. Kong, K. Winemiller, V. Elliott, N. Rooney, P. Laffaille, and K.S. McCann

Publication Date

18 January 2019

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aquatic, environmental variation, fishes, food webs, omnivory, stable isotopes, stomach contents, tropical river–floodplain ecosystem