Modelling spatial and temporal dynamics of two small mud carp species in the Tonle Sap flood-pulse ecosystem

This study uses cross-wavelet transform (CWT) and cross-correlation function (CCF) time-series modeling approaches to model the spatial and temporal dynamics of small mud carp species (Henicorhynchus lobatus and Henicorhynchus siamensis) and examine the influence of flow pulses on their dynamics using spatial and time-series data collected from the Tonle Sap Lake and River System.

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B. Chan, R. Sor, P.B. Ngor, C. Baehr, and S. Lek

Publication Date

24 January 2019

Publication Name

Ecological Modelling


Tonle Sap, Flow pulse, Co-occurrence, Migration patterns, Fish synchronization, Phase relationship, Cross-wavelet transform, Cross-correlation function