Designing freshwater protected areas (FPAs) for indiscriminate fisheries

This paper reports the results of a model that tests the fisheries effects of no-take protected areas in conditions unique to indiscriminate riverine/floodplain systems. The model has a generalized form applicable to a wide range of systems. Here, the results of the general model, as well as those from a specialized form parameterized for the Tonle Sap lake, Cambodia are reported.

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L. Hannah, C. Costello, V. Elliot, B. Owashi, S. Nam, R. Oyanedel, R. Chea, O. Vibol, C. Phen, and G. McDonald

Publication Date

1 February 2019

Publication Name

Ecological Modelling


Freshwater, Fishery Harvest, Profit, Indiscriminate, Model, Tonle Sap, Cambodia, Floodplain, Flood-pulse, Community, Freshwater Protected Area (FPA), Poverty, Protein, Climate change