Diverse migration tactics of fishes within the large tropical Mekong River system

In this study, within- and among-species diversity in life history migratory tactics of six Mekong fish genera was examined using otolith microchemistry to explore diadromous and potamodromous traits. Two species were catadromous and one species was an estuarine resident, while the remaining three species were facultative in their migration strategies, with up to four tactics within a single species. Migrant and resident contingents co-existed within the same species.

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Vu, A.V., L.J. Baumgartner, M. Mallen-Cooper, G.S. Doran, K.E. Limburg, B.M. Gillanders, J.D. Thiem, J.A. Howitt, C.M. Kewish, J. Reinhardt, and I.G. Cowx

Publication Date

02 June 2022

Publication Name

Fisheries Management and Ecology


Diadromy, fish migration, Mekong River, otolith microchemistry, trace metals