Last exit before the brink: Conservation genomics of the Cambodian population of the critically endangered southern river terrapin

In this study, 10 microsatellite markers were amplified, 2,658 presumably unlinked and neutral single nucleotide polymorphisms were obtained, and 784 bp of mtDNA from 50 samples were amplified from all 136 captive southern river terrapin, Batagur affinis. An obvious decrease in genetic contributions of breeders in the wild from 2006–2012 and identify high‐value breeders instrumental for ex‐situ management of the contemporary genetic stock of the species was demonstrated.

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Çilingir, F.G., A. Seah, B.D. Horne, S. Som, D.P. Bickford, and F.E. Rheindt

Publication Date

05 August 2019

Publication Name

Ecology and Evolution


Batagur, Cambodia, conservation genetics, ddRAD‐seq