Speaking the same language: can the sustainable development goals translate the needs of inland fisheries into irrigation decisions?

Using case studies of two globally important river catchments, namely the Lower Mekong and Murray–Darling basins, this paper highlights the conflicts and opportunities for improved outcomes between irrigated agriculture and inland fisheries and explores SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) as a path to advance irrigation systems as a means to benefit both agriculture and inland fisheries.

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Lynch, A.J., L.J. Baumgartner, C.A. Boys, J. Conallin, I.G. Cowx, C.M. Finlayson, P.A. Franklin, Z. Hogan, J.D. Koehn, M.P. McCartney, G. O’Brien, K. Phouthavong, L.G.M. Silva, C.A. Tob, J. Valbo-Jørgensen, A.V. Vu, L. Whiting, A. Wibowo, and P. Duncan

Publication Date

6 August 2019

Publication Name

Marine and Freshwater Research


food security, integrated management, Mekong River, Murray–Darling Basin, SDGs.