Chinese frogs, fish go easily through quarantine stations to enter Vietnam

Vietnam Net
May 7, 2013

Hundreds of tons of fish and shrimp have been crossing the border gates every day to enter the Vietnamese market. Border management agencies said they have seized a lot of illegally imported consignments. However, a bigger amount of imports still could escape their net to penetrate the domestic market.

A Vietnamese farmer calls Chinese fishes as “strange creatures.” Chinese ca tre (sheatfish) can grow so rapidly that it can be weighted 6 kilos just after one year, as twice as the growth rate of Vietnamese fish. This makes him think that this is a kind of genetically modified organism (GMO). However, Chinese ca tre is not reproduced. This is believed to be the invasive species which may harm the local species.

The farmer also said that the shrimps and crabs Chinese export to Vietnam are the products they bought from Vietnam before. “I believe that they (Chinese merchants) did something with the shrimps and crabs. They might inject something in the creatures to make them heavier, and then re-export back to Vietnam,” he said.

“The shrimps and crabs are abnormally big and heavy,” he added.

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