Villagers Fear Losing Land As Riverbanks Continue To Collapse

Khmer Times

Some 50 years ago, Dul Han’s parents gave her and each of her four brothers and sisters a plot of land measuring 12 metres wide by 40 metres long in Kampong Cham province’s Sdao commune after they got married and had their own families.

Unfortunately, like virtually all families living along the Mekong River in her commune, Han, now 73 years old, says the land of her four siblings, some 160 metres long in total, has been claimed by the river as the strong currents and waves had slowly eroded the bank from one year to another.

Now, the grandmother says she is also worried that the last small plot of land she has given to her daughter she is living with will also face the same faith as a large chunk of riverbank in front of her house has also collapsed into the river during the past three weeks.

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