Cambodian fish yields rise, exports fall

Khmer Times

The total export of fish products decreased in 2016 even though fish yields rose, causing income from the fisheries sector to drop by nearly a half compared with a year earlier. An Agriculture Ministry report showed that income from the fisheries sector in 2016 was $565,284, a dramatic decline of about $465,000 from 2015.

The total export of fresh fish products was 9,100 metric tons and export of processed fish products was 5,200 metric tons, a decrease of 1,400 metric tons and 300 metric tons respectively, the report read.  However, fish yields increased compared with 2015. Freshwater fish yields reached 70,200 metric tons, up 19,600 metric tons from 2015, while marine fish yields were 10,525 metric tons, up 425 metric tons.

Hong Hy, director of the Fishery Administration’s administration and legislation department, said high local demand for fresh fish reduced the amount of exported fish products, adding that the high fish yields would help reduce fish imports from abroad. “Local demand is high. People know that consumption of fresh fish reduces the amount for export. Now we still import farmed fish from neighboring countries to meet local demand, but locals mostly prefer natural fish,” he said.

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