Celebrating the lives and importance of migratory fish

Khmer Times –

Not too many of us are aware of the important role of the migratory fish in our ecosystem and livelihood. And more often than not, we’re not too keen to know it at all.

This is why the World Fish Migration Day is celebrated annually. The event serves as an active awareness campaign to improve the public’s understanding on the importance of migratory fish, the need for healthy rivers, the communities that depend on both and the options we can do to minimise hazards against them.

On April 21, Cambodia joined the world in the celebration. At least 75 young students rode on 15 boats for a tour around the Mekong River. The students learned about the migratory fish population of the river and were encouraged to take part in ensuring a safe passageway for this species. The event was a joint project of the Wonders of the Mekong, Young Eco Ambassador and the World Fish Migration Day organisation.

Chann Kimsan, one of the team members behind the successful cause-oriented event, said that he learned many things about migratory fish – when they produce eggs and when these eggs hatch.

“When I stayed on the land, I didn’t know anything about the life in the water. When I experienced it myself, going into the river and see the fish species, I was at awe. Merely hearing it through stories is very different from seeing it personally. There are so many kinds of fish in our river. Fishermen earn money for their family through it,” said Mr Kimsan.

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