Climate change brings opportunity to restructure Mekong Delta economy

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The principle that Vietnam needs to pursue now is not to confront nature, but to respond appropriately and flexibly to new circumstances, such as climate change, by restructuring the economy, according to Hoang Quoc Tuan, a renowned agriculture expert.

About inaccurate perceptions, Tuan said one of these is that the Mekong Delta needs to serve as the ‘rice granary’ and ‘rice pot’ of Vietnam and the world.

FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and IRRI (International Rice Research Institute) affirmed that with natural conditions, growing rice is the best way for the Mekong Delta, but not the way Vietnam is following.

Tuan also pointed out that Vietnam has the wrong view about ‘national food security’. FAO defines ‘food security’ as the capability to have food, which could be rice, maize, oats, fish, shrimp, vegetables and fruits. There is a wide range of foodstuff for people to use, not only raise.

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