Downstream Mekong project success proves China’s commitment to improving livelihoods, boost hydropower capacity in Mekong region

Global Times

After an in-person visit to China’s reservoir and learning dam-building skills, the Mekong River envoys relay how infrastructure projects undertaken by China in their countries, especially hydropower projects, have served local people, boosting their wellbeing and socio-economic development along with other concrete benefits.

The Mekong River has a huge elevation difference which contains huge water energy resources. According to the relevant data, the water energy reserve of the Mekong River is 58,000 MW, with huge developmental potential.

China, as a main riparian country with mature technology in water conservancy construction, actively shares its experience in water conservancy construction with other Mekong countries and assists in their domestic dam building, under Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) mechanism initiated in 2016.

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