Society promotes conservation

Fiji Times
15 August, 2013

An increase in global trade requires more development, which in turn could affect local fisheries.

However, these activities should be managed to conserve the ecosystem and biodiversity.

Speaking at a SeaWeb lecture in Suva recently, Wildlife Conservation Society director Doctor Stacy Jupiter said if those activities were not managed properly, it would affect the whole ecosystem including the income of people who depended on the sea for a living.

Dr Jupiter said there was a need for an integrated approach to management which included the entire system — in this case from ridge to reef. WCS Fiji program works with communities and the government to protect biodiversity and natural resources through sound management practices.

And through its research they have learnt how marine and freshwater systems in Fiji responded to disturbance and environmental change in order to provide science-based recommendations to local managers.

“The major threat in Fiji is climate change including deforestation, logging and so on which greatly affect our fisheries,” she said.

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