Endangered baby dolphin sightings

Khmer Times

Two more baby dolphins have been spotted recently in Kratie province, showing encouraging signs of further stabilisation of the Mekong Irrawaddy dolphin population in Cambodia The World Wildlife Fund said yesterday that WWF-Cambodia welcomed the births of two dolphin calves in the Mekong Flooded Forest Landscape in Kratie province.

The first calf was spotted on August 11 by locals from Prek Kreing village in Sambo district, who reported the sighting to WWF officials. Camera in hand, freshwater project assistant Tan Bunwath visited the location immediately to take detailed photos confirming the first new born, believed to be two or three weeks old.

On August 13 another calf, suspected to be only a few days old, was sighted by local people and the WWF research team at the Kampi deep pool 16 kilometres from Kratie town.

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