For Those Who Can Afford It, Urban Farming Bears Fruit

The Cambodian Daily
25 November 2014

TAKHMAO CITY, Kandal Province – Man Sophal unzipped a plastic tarp covering a metal structure in front of his villa, revealing rows of perforated PVC pipes from which a variety of cabbage and lettuce sprouted.

This is Kannika Farm, where the crops grow not from soil, but from a continuous supply of nutrient-rich water pumped through the pipes in the homemade greenhouse that cost Mr. Sophal $2,000.

“The most important thing is to keep the plants cool and humidified,” the 42-year-old entrepreneur said. “The U.V. [-resistant] plastic cover protects these plants from the sun’s heat, rain and insects. The rain can damage the nutrient-rich solutions.”

The hydroponics system does away with many of the hassles of traditional farming while allowing vegetation to thrive in a confined urban setting, using only the electricity needed to power a small pump, Mr. Sophal said.

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