Introducing Wildscreen Exchange – a global resource for all conservation communications

Charity Digital News
20 October 2015

The UK-based wildlife conservation charity, Wildscreen, has a new online photo and video library for conservation organisations, providing them with free and affordable visual content and media to help them tell “the most powerful stories possible”.

The Wildscreen Exchange has been designed and developed by the charity in order to provide conservation organisations – particularly small, grassroots ones – with eye-catching and thought-provoking imagery and footage that they can use in their communications.

The charity said of the new resource: “Those who are able to use imagery for these purposes influence and inspire many more people than those who just use words, and many charities do not currently have the budget, time or resource to search for or use images or footage, which is a problem that we are trying to solve.”

So far, Wildscreen has over 10,000 images live on its website, as well as around 10 hours of footage. Currently, more than 150 conservation organisations are using the resource.

“We want our community to keep growing so that everyone who needs help with their communications is able to get it,” the charity said.

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